Digital imaging projects or image design projects using multiple images in a collage or blended finished image. Some are client images or comp images for design project requirements.
Collage Images
This Photoshop project was an assignment to create stages or passage of time using one subject. So an apple was chosen to illustrate stages or progression of time, for the basic photographic sequence. A second idea of progression of time was incorporated, using methods of photography. Starting with the quick results of Polaroid, the quick turnaround of digital imaging, and the trend to “instant” sharing applications.
Early “instant photography” was developed with the polaroid camera. Results in a couple of minutes, but the image was not that sharp and not that colorful. But it was fairly quick.
Digital photography is “instant photography” but with the technological advances, the image quality is good, and it is versatile with instant sharing capabilities, quick desktop printing and sharing, and the option for archival printing or enlargements, it is a great advancement in photography.
The developing future of “instant photography” seems to be the “faux camera” that is an integral part of other devices. Instead of attention to any technical details, it is a point and shoot - quick capture. That is then modified with “photoshop like” effects that make any image a clone of other similar categories of altered images. The effects stay the same but the generic images are swapped between generic effects. It often produces mediocrity of the lowest common effect.
These photo panels were done with a digital camera, and Photoshop, with layers, styles, brushes, textures, patterns and blending modes. The depiction of the “faux photo” and “Fauxtography” are intended to poke good humored fun at the trend of click, “instantize,” the most mundane subject into the “Instant Art of Fauxtography.”
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